MKDS Architects was established in 1984 to provide intelligent, thoughtful and
meticulous architectural services for a variety of project types, including retail,
corporate, institutional and residential design.

Our objective is to plan and design unique and appropriate solutions
in close collaboration with our clients. Our finished products vary stylistically
based on their programmatic and budget requirements; our consistency lies in
addressing functional objectives, identifying and developing design opportunities,
and in our attention to detail.

The firm’s experience with large public and retail projects, coupled with the much
more personal and intimate design of many residences, characterizes our scope
and range of response. The actual project is less important than understanding
our clients, their circumstances, and their objectives and priorities. We have often
watched as our clients realize that the details they had ignored will inform the larger
design in more ways than they can imagine; this is a mark of our work. Our ideal
projects are those where there are no big or little issues in design — they are all
part of a continuum of problem solving that results in a harmonious, productive space.